Saturday, December 4, 2010

Confessions of a drugged up sick girl!

I was very productive tonight even with this crap that is running through my system. I got fed up with my room being a mess and my books everywhere while I'm waiting on my new bedroom set. So I hopped in my car and drove the 2 blocks to Big Lots and got some shelves and crates. I'm putting this all on Jessica's shoulders...She posted her nice fancy shelves with them all organized and I walked into my room and damned if I couldn't take another minute.
Here is what I accomplished

The whole thing

Here is some chick lit, suspense, and misc others (baby, school, self help, ect..)

Most of these books are series that I only have one or two of, bottom is more misc books, and top shelf is mostly classic lit

*Notice the side of the shelf is backwards so you can see the particle board edge...that is what happens when you asemble furniture sick as a dog and hopped up on meds!*

Here are my series books

There you go Jessica! Thats what I got so far. I am sure in a few days I will be pissed with my organization of the shelves and arrange them all over again. Your not the only one with OCD. Those damn books on top of the to side shelves are driving me crazy already.


  1. Ohh love it. And guess what, you probably won't find this nearly as funny as me, but because you are so doped up on meds and sick its why I find it so funny. But... you have 3 books that are upside down on the 2nd bookshelf, lol.

    [ on the middle rack ]

    "Through The Veil" by Shiloh Walker & "Beyond The Pale" [ 2 books to the right of "Through The Veil"]

    [ 2nd shelf / very bottom ]

    "Wild & Hexy" the blue book next to that mettal tin.

    Thought I'd let you know because you're going to notice it eventually and think "what the eff!" Been there done that... and I wasn't doped up on meds. :)

  2. That's pretty good for someone that ain't feeling so well. I won't be so good either, if I spend any longer straining my eyes trying to see the upside down books that Jessica saw. (How does she do that?)

  3. Yep...Fixed it. No clue how she pointed them all out and gave me the titles for the upside-down ones. I got a little dizzy going through them to fix them.

    Seriously though I think it was the meds that got me that far...then they started working against me. Off to dose myself again and get cozy in bed.

  4. LOL!!! I may be addicted to "I Spy" books. And I wanted to see what books you had that I have. ( Queen of the Geeks, I am ) LOL.