Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The End of a Series!

So I bought Last Sacrifice, the final installment in the Vampire Academy series last night on my Kindle (I got impatient...what can I say) and I'm feeling a lot bittersweet about this being the end.

I actually started reading this series as a joke.  My ex said that I was obsessed with vampires (yes I do love me some fanged night walkers, but I'm really just in love with all things paranormal have been since I was little starting with myths and legends, my first were egyptian curses and the greek goods, and it has expanded from there) and I set out to read as many vampire books as I could to piss him off.  On a side not that may have been one of many reasons why we didn't work out starting with the fact that he didn't really know what makes me tick.  So I found this series and got the first book and started reading.

It didn't take me long to get sucked into the characters and I have absolutely loved watching them develop and grow.  That may be my favorite thing about good YA writers.  The character development is amazing.

Another reason why I think I get so attached is that series span out a long time and in the ones that are set as continuous tales you wait and anticipate and invest so much time with all these characters when the time comes for the series to end its like your losing an old friend or friends.  They have been with you for so long you just don't want to let them go yet.  Of course you can read them over again and go through the journey again, but its never as good as your first time with the anticipation and surprises along the way.

In the end I cried...Yes I'm the sappy chick that cries over really good romance...It felt like i absolutely had to have that cathartic release (great term I learned in psych)

It's times like these where I really remember why I am going to college to be an English Major.  People can joke about never getting a job or being a teacher.  Honestly I don't care if i get a job writing.  That would be amazing and I would love to get the things in my head out and on paper, but that's not what I love the most.  Its the inspiration in others and for people to be to feel like I feel .  My love of literature is probably over the line of normal and into the obsessed, but its amazing.  Its my escape, my sanity, my life, and my love and I want other people to see the amazing things that I see and learn what I have learned about myself.

Its absolutely beautiful when an author puts together something so spectacular that it transports you yo somewhere else and incites feelings like a racing heart, a fast beating pulse, fear, love, and so many other emotions just by the written word.  Thank you to any author in the world for doing the things you do, because somewhere somebody was effected by you and if I happen to join the ranks some day that would be amazing, but if not I'll be teaching others about the joys of a good book and the effect of the written word!

*Yes all this came out because of the end of a book series...told you...sappy*


  1. I so know what you mean! You give yourself to a series, book after book, year after year and when its done it can be soooo sad!

    Great Post!

  2. Yep, I get it too. Really good authors do that to you and make you feel like a ninny for getting emotional because what they created was just so wonderful. :)

    I second Larissa, this was a great post!

  3. Thanks...I was running errands this morning after I finished the book and all this stuff would not stop running through my head. I felt much better after I wrote about it.