Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's Cooking Wednesday! (2)

Here it is my second edition of "Whats Cooking Wednesday"

My recipe tonight is...
Chicken Squares
(this is improvised from a recipe I found on

What you will need
1 package of cream cheese softened (3 oz but if you want it creamier you can use more)
1 tablespoon butter softened
2 chicken breasts cooked and cubed
1/8 cup of chopped onions (more or less depending on your preference)
Seasons to your liking (I use salt pepper and garlic powder or minced garlic)
2 tablespoons of milk
1 can of Pillsbury Crescent Recipe Creations dough sheet (you can also use crescent dough if you cant find the sheets and just press the seams together)

To top before baking
1 tablespoon butter melted
and seasoned breadcrumbs enough to sprinkle on tops

Heat oven to 350
In a bowl mix softened cream cheese and butter till smooth
add chicken, seasons, onions, and milk mixing well
Cut dough into 4 rectangles
spoon approx half a cup of mix into the center of each
Fold edges of dough in and press together to seal
place on ungreased cookie sheet
then brush tops with butter and sprinkle over bread crumbs
Place in oven and bake for 25-30 mins (should be really pretty golden brown)

These are absolutely my favorite!
Don't have a picture of the food tonight since I'm getting ready for my holiday vacation and eating leftovers, but I just wanted to share another great recipe.

As an apology for not having a picture of the food I'm gonna post a picture of my new kitchen assistant.
His name is Lenny and he helped me out over Thanksgiving and proved to be a wonderful helper...
plus I needed someone to barter over  at Cecile for time with one of her studs


Happy Cooking everyone and have a great hump day!


  1. Ohhhhh You are hilarious!! I love the recipe and the help!!! He is quite the dish, giggles!!!

    Honey, you should check out my Lair very carefully... there are more Tribal Men than mets the eye!!! Giggles!!!!

    And who knows... we may have a treat for you!! =)
    Hugs honey bun!! I hope you had a great day!

  2. HA HA! Love the assistant.

  3. Oh Cecile I have seen the extensiveness of sexy going on over on your page and have had ensuing fantasys/wet dreams about them... I spend my free time jumping around so many sexed up blogs I'm glad I am not a guy. I would be walking around with a perma hard on.

    Anyway I want sample several of your treats for sure!

    Thought you might like him Jessica! We can make him cook for us and then he can be dessert ;)

  4. There's a fella who's had his spoon in a lot of pots, if ever I saw one.

    Anyway, you might not know this Brandi, but there's a cooking contest going on at The Porch. And there's still time to enter. I reckon one of your tasty chicken dishes would be sure to win a prize.

  5. Hey Brandi!

    Oh La La! Love your helper!

    Yeah, don't fall for that cooking contest...Valance has been running that thing for a couple of months now...I think that's just his way of getting free food! The devil he is!

    Help with Cecile? I'm your girl...what do you need ... I seem to remember her ganging up on me when we first met....time for me to give some payback on our little Smutty Hussy...LOL


  6. Darn it Miss Houston, that cooking contest is all bona fide and honorable. Ain't my fault if there ain't been enough entries to justify a thousand dollar prize yet.

  7. Why Mister Valance...I've cooked three complete meals for that contest and I'm still waiting for the prize...I've cooked more than anyone else, I've even cooked for Nameless - why he got a steak dinner and home made doggy cookies out of this contest! How many entries does it take?

  8. Yeah, and I ain't forgetting how the last of the steaks went with you when you took off after that stranger - which, incidentally, you've been pretty damn coy about ever since. I ain't dumb. And don't think I don't know what all that winking's about, either. Anyhow, it's quality that counts, not quantity. You scored pretty high, but it's only fair Miss Brandi and others have the chance to show what they can do. The judge's decision is final, and me being the judge, I lay down the rules. Course if you were to make me a plate of steak and onions, it might increase your chances, but if you'd sooner bellyache about it...

  9. Why Mister Valance are you jealous?

    Why I was only keeping our neighborly image up...can't have people thinking the Porch isn't a kind place, and you would have thought of that if you hadn't been so busy with Miss Brandi at the time!
    Why didn't you didn't notice that poor stranger was as skinny as a pygmy snake in winter and as cold as could be. That poor man needed some I gave him some...I know "had you not been so busy" you would have thought of it...

    Why Valance...I do believe you're jealous. What on earth do you think I'm winking about? I was winking at you to let you know *couch* seeing how busy you were with the ladies...*couch* that I had your back and took care of the lad and upheld our kindly porch image....that was all.

    Quality over Quantity...Oh YES I SO AGREE! :-D
    /:-? *Couch* Oh, I'm sorry I thought...never mind.... you were talking about my cooking entries. Yes, well I'm an Irish girl...ain't nobody who can out cook me! Us Irish girls can cook!

    BELLYACHING?? Look whose talking...if you was to stop all your crying and turn around you'd see I cooked you a whole entire PLATTER of steaks and goldenfried onions...with all the side fixin' as well! Now, Judge...whose going to be winning this contest?

  10. Judgement is deferred. I'm heading into town. I need a drink.

  11. Valance if you just want me to cook you a meal just say so! Its much easier to be direct and tell a woman where you want it...I mean what you want....

    *coy smile*

    Miss Houston I absolutely adore you hun! I love to see a woman that has a man wrapped around her little finger! Espically the ones that think they arent tameable.

    You know Valance charity work make you feel good about yourself...That probably all it is shes just so please with herself for helping that poor man she cant help, but smile and give you a wink or to...Yeah thats what it is

    I think he may just be a little jealous Miss Houston...He was only busy with me to get you a little riled up (Even though I can be distracting in my own right). A little healthy jealousy keeps a relationship steamy!!

    and one things for sure that nobody questions your quality hun...Its grade A!! ;)

    Valance I'm gonna sit right down on the porch and enjoy the company of Cheyenne of Oscar...All I need is a bottle of whiskey and a little leg flash and they are more than happy to keep me company

  12. Jealous, huh? OK, that does it, I'll show you I'm nobody's fool. I'm going into town and I'm gonna cut loose. I'm gonna drink hard whiskey and I'm gonna chase fast women. I'm gonna booze and fornicate until steam blows out of my ears, and when I'm done knocking down anyone that stands in my way, I'm gonna tear up the town.

  13. Ssssshhh Brandi...don't be sayin' that too loud... I'm letting the cowboy think he's chasing me...that is until I catch him. LOL

    Mister Valance...I think you're just looking for an excuse to run off and be a typical man...*sad face* I won't say I thought you were above the others.

    Go ahead and do what you've got to do...I'll just sit here and eat all these steak and onions meself. Oh, did I mention I had a pitcher of whiskey here as well...and I'm more than willing to forn...well...I'm here if you want me, course I won't be standing...seeing that you're of mind to be knocking people down and all...I'll just be laying here, *cough* on this here bed of Brandi's...alone, hot and thinking about you! ;-)

    Have a good time in town and if you see that stranger tell him I got more steak and onions if he's still hungry, seeing that you're not.

  14. Hmm, well, I can’t say I’m better than any other man, but maybe I was a little hasty. Steak and onions, huh? And I suppose there’ll be potatoes and plenty of gravy too, right? Whiskey and… mmm-mmmm. Hot and thinking about me, huh? Well, I guess there ain’t much sense in going into town after all. And I’m sorry if I got mean, especially in front of Miss Brandi. Now, what was that about the stranger? What? You expect me to WHAT?




  15. *Miss Houston smiles*

    Brandi...don't be worried...he won't do a thing in town...he knows how I feel about him and he knows I added that wee bit about the stranger to ruffle his feathers...One day he's gonna fess up and tell me he loves me to me face....until then, eat up darlin' we got us a lot of steak and onions to eat. Pass that homemade bread and oh, I'll have some gravy with those mash potatoes.

    Here, Have some whiskey!

  16. Mmmm...This is delicious Miss Houston. I sure do love how men blow all kinds of smoke. Makes life entertaining.

    oh yeah here you go *passes the gravy*

    Ah...Thats good whiskey!

  17. Dang girl! Can I borrow Lenny for Christmas cooking! LOL

  18. After he's done cooking my dinner and we have finished up...dessert ;)

    I'll send him your way Amy!

  19. Yeap, sure is good whiskey...too bad Valance is missing this yummy, have some potatoes Miss Brandi....want some of these veggies? Oh, leave room for homemade Crumb topping apple pie and ice cream topped with real whip cream and a sprinkle of sugar!


  20. Damned if I didn;t get whiplash tryin' to keep up with all that.

  21. Nice site followed a few of the other ol' cowboys over here. I run a little cookin' blog of my own. Oh, I read your bio stuff --keep the dream, I am a long time teacher it is a great life.


  22. Oscar...If i wasnt keeping up with it my head may have been spinning to!

    Thanks Rambling...or should i call you old guy???
    :) Just kidding. I plan on keeping my dreams and riding this out to where ever it takes me. Thanks for the encouragement though!

  23. Food $23.50, Hotness personifed $The price of dessert laced with a little Brandi. Mr V. getting himself in trouble again? Priceless!

  24. Kracken,

    I couldn't have said it better...Valance does have a way of putting his foot in his mouth doesn't he...he sure doesn't need any help.
    Though at times I just can't resist giving him a little push every now and then. TEHEHEHEHEEEE.

  25. Aw thanks Kracken...I am priceless :)

    Poor Valance has no escape when it comes to the females. Tripping over his toung one minute and covering his tail the next.

    And Hawk...I just gotta say that I bow down to the master!

  26. FYI Kracken...Im aware of the priceless part of Valance getting caught with his foot in his mouth over me. I tend to take things and run with them. Thanks so much for stopping by my page though! Great to have visitors.

  27. Brandi...don't you be bowing...we're just girls having fun with our men...if they only know that half the time our "emotional reactions" are stage for "their" benefit and maximum impact of the point we're trying to make...they'd be surprised.

    But I've found...boys learn best from SHOCK learning. Teheheheheeeehehehehe