Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mmmmm...Irish Catholic Boys.

I absolutely love The Boondock Saints! One of my favorite of all time movies. I really don't know what it is about hot men in a blood bath, but I freakin love it. I know I am weird, but I love watching men be alpha men. Especially in movies. The whole good guy vigilante thing is super awesome as well. Anyway...I decided to watch it again today for fun and did not fail at putting me in a better mood. So in honor of such an awesome movie I found some movie themed items on ETSY.
Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker The Boondock Saints

From the seller pedped


From the seller buttonpalooza42


Boondock Saints Veritas Aequitas Macbook 15 inch Decal

From the seller HotMopsDecals


Etsy is one of my favorite shopping places online. There are all sorts of creative people that sell there and when you want to find something original and not just plain store bought merchandise you should check it out.

Anyway back to the movie. Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus are super hot and they both play amazing characters, but my favorite character in this movie is the one played by Willem Dafoe. He is absolutely outrageous and absurd and makes the movie so delightful.

So if you like a little gore in your great movies and you haven't seen should absolutely jump on it. Its great.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Work in Progress...

Here is the one shelf that I finally got organized! It has taken several days (mainly due to procrastination) but I got most of the series books that I have read up and on the bookshelf.

Now on to the harder part. Since I haven't bought any more shelves I had to find a temporary place for my books. So the solution was pretty much put them on the open space in my room. Lord knows i would throw a fit if my little man decided to hijack some of mommy's books (he has done it many times before and I love that he loves books, but hes got tons of his own) and hide them.
I knew that my one shelf was getting a little crowded, but you really can't tell when they are stacked on top of each other.

This is what was left without a home after pulling everything down and separating them. Most are Paperback Swap bookshelf books that I have posted and stand alone books. Though I still have a few series that didn't make it on the series shelf.
I vow to never let it get to this point again!
Yeah I know that will last till I run out of room on the new shelves that I am going to get :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day!

I normally live in the fantasy world in my head, but days like today that I make it a point to spend some time with reality.
There was a dedication ceremony along with the observance of Veterans Day at my college. To say that it was emotional for me would be an understatment. The mother was there for the ceremony and she got up before the dedication and spoke to us all about her son and his life. The strength in that woman amazed me. She lost her son to war 3 short years ago and she was able to stand strong in front of a packed lawn on the campus and speak. I have so much respect that she was able to live on and carry on the memory of her child.
I could harldy imagine the pain of a loss like that. I left the military not very long after I had my son. I could not imagine the pain of leaving my son without his mother. I was not brave enough to face that burden, but so many people live with those fears every day and so many more had those fears realized and are living with the pain of those losses every day.
The observance included several speeches from the staff of the college and a veteran student, but one of the most moving parts of the ceremony involved no speeches at all. Before the conclusion of the ceremony they had a moment of silence for all the veterans that have been lost to war and the clock tower chimed once for each of the students that have been lost and dedicated on the memorial at the college. Standing there in silence listening to the chimes you could hear many of the other students off in the distance laughing and going about their day. It seemed very symbolic to the fact that on this day during this ceremony there were still people who didnt know or care to know what some of us sacrifice every single day.
Those that sacrifice for us all have such a large extra burden on top of all the other every day life issues that we have to deal with. We need to take a moment to appreciate those extra sacrafices that our military make and have made. I believe it is our duty as americans to honor those and thank a veteran today or any other day.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

No longer a Ren Faire virgin!!!

Today was a wonderful day. I am gonna go ahead and call it fansatical! Yeah it was that good. My best friend and I have been trying to get together some time so I could attend a Ren Faire together. She is a regular attendee and I have always wanted to attend. How could I not love it... with the faries, goblins, knights, courts, and there was even a ninja. My favorite fantasy world come to life. I'm a big fan of paranormal, science fiction, and fantasy. If you didnt know before now you do. The mixture of this all in a park with port-a-potties and cars right next door was delightfully absurd. I even got offered up for flogging by my friend that attended with me!

I also got to see a pirate and a ninja face off (why the damn ninja was there I'll never know) Here is a picture of one of the goblins So many more great pictures, but there were several hundred after the day was over so I'm just gonna post a few more samples of the delight that I shared in today!ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Celtic Band

Fire Juggler

Man with kilt (I love kilts)

This lady waiting on her champion had a little something extra under her skirts!!

Just look at it...I mean do I really need to explain?
(only authentic kilt wearers in the whole faire)

Pirate snoozing

Captin Jack Sparrow
(He did an amazing kids theater act)

More kilts
(not so hot but hey they get credit for trying)

My wenchy outfit!!

He was loving that severed head

Just cool all around!

Then there was a Fey King

All in all it was amazing. Not bad for having my Ren Faire virginity good and sullied!