Sunday, July 24, 2011

More exhausted than a hooker on a busy night

Hello all!

I have just returned from my last day at Comic Con and I must say it was fun as hell.  A full post with everything B and I have been up to this weekend will be over on B & B when we have the time to get it posted.  Seriously the best way to end my time here in California.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Comic-Con Day 1

Just wanted to share some of that I have been up to :)

So you will now get a little photo tour of todays mischief

The Great Stan Lee
he is a pretty funny guy

This little Whovian was so adorable


My teacher challenged us to find an Indian at Comic-Con...Clearly he doesnt know that I dont play on challenges...I win!

Starz Spartacus booth

Sam Worthington...YUMMY
My face does the fat thing when I smile really big...I was excited.  I even had the girly squeal going in me head

Guillermo Del Toro

PC and Kristin Cast...Please excuse the fat face...Happens when I get excited


More Hottness



And that was just day one of my weekend adventure people!  Stay tuned for more :)
Until then I will be geeking out at Comic-Con