Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Whats Cooking Wednesday (4)

Today I'm giving tell you how to make wings in the oven

They are super simple to make and I could seriously eat them every day.

What you will need:
Seasoning (your prefrence)
Wing Sauce

Pre heat the oven to 450 degrees

Place the cut wings in a gallon size bag *I use about 2 lbs of wings each time I cook them, but you can put in more or less and it will not make a difference*

Add desired seasoning just enough to lightly coat the wings *Emeril's original essence is the spice I use*

Place wings on a baking sheet *spray it lightly with pam or you can use parchment paper*

Bake for 25 to 30 minutes until golden brown *check a wing for done-ness on the inside as well*

Remove from pan and place in a plastic container with a lid and add a hearty amount of wing sauce

Place lid on container and shake to coat wings

Then your ready to eat!


  1. You should make some wings then...They are freaking delicious

  2. Oh woman are you trying to lure me to your house? Because I LOVE ME some wings.

  3. 'I am a hell of a cook...'

    Then I reckon it's about time I saw and ate the evidence.

  4. Well now Valance, I'm always cooking you just stumble by to late to get any :)

  5. Hell, ain't that the truth.