Monday, March 21, 2011

I have an excessive amount of books to read...

Not really a requirement, but I organized my middle shelf with books that I haven't read yet and want to read.
This doesn't even include my new series books that I shelved with the already read series...
I wish I had more time for my books.

Just thought I would share :)


  1. You are seriously bored with out me aren't you....

  2. LOL...What gave you that idea??

  3. You've got like 17 ( at least ) books on the bottom shelf upside down... you do this to taunt me, don't you? lol

  4. Oh LOVELY! Doesn't it just feel like you have a shelf full of undiscovered treasure?

  5. Oh I soooo know that feeling. I have a shelf like that too, and a "shelf" on my Kindle that keeps on adding up. But I'm eating those babies up!

  6. Oh, and just so you know, you extremely bad influence. I was supposed to go for a nice walk, to think about the plot of the next chapter on my work in progress. Then I saw the champagne glass in your sidebar, and decided to sit with a glass and enjoy a couple of chapters of Pale Demon by Kim Harrison. I'm weak *sigh*

  7. I cant ever get enough books...Im a book hoarder basically.

    I don't feel so bad about being a bad influence if it involves a good book and a glass of champagne! Especially if that book happens to be one of Kim Harrison's :)

    I love her!

  8. Lovely. I like to read, eventhough I'm lacking much time. I love having my home with books everywhere too. Makes it easy to grab one and read something from anywhere around the house.

    Just found your blog and like it.

    hi! : )

  9. Hey Sweetie!

    Yahoo, I finally made it over...I've been so busy writing and CP'Ing for a couple of writing partners I haven't had a lot of time for blog's nice to get out and about for a wee bit! Oh, Lots going on here...yes, I know how you feel...I've got six book cases filled...Guess that's why I can't get into the e-books...I like the feel of a book in me hand and like seeing it on me shelf!


  10. I have given you a blog award.