Sunday, February 27, 2011

Who wakes up at 6am on a freaking weekend...

So its still early here...I'm cranky and tired.
(I really am not a morning person and this is the second day in a row that my little person decided that I needed to be up before the damn sun)
Didn't do much this weekend.  The exception to that was Friday when my friend B and I drove out to Temecula Wine Country (little bit of a trip for us, but so worth it if your ever in SoCal).  The purpose for going was to pick up a wine donation for my sister.  She lives out here and has been in a junior women's club for a while (yuck...not my thing at all) and one of the wineries was donating to her club.  So being the awesome multitasker I am decided to make it a pleasant trip by hitting up a few of the other wineries as well.

I have such good ideas.  B took me to one of that places her mother loves called Leonesse (that girls mom knows her alcohol) and I ended up spending up way to much money on a bottle of dessert wine and a bottle of port.  Both were absolutely delicious and I could not live without them.  Then we went to the winery for the donation and they were a little to high brow for me...I'm laid back and I really didn't want to spend my afternoon with a bunch of people that have sticks transplanted up their asses.

Last stop was not the best winery, but we drove past it and couldn't pass it up...The winery name...Cougar winery.   Yeah couldn't drive past that without stopping in so we went there.  There wine wasn't top notch but the atmosphere was nice and we had a good time.  Talked to some other ladies that were doing the reverse circuit from us and recommended some wines.
I plan on going back very soon.  Most likely for a festival coming up in April.

I cleaned and organized because I'm compulsive about that crap and then did some homework.  That always blows.  My friend B and I watched "A Team" last night and drank some of our new wine.  That movie was hilarious and the wine was as good the second time drinking it.  I'm just trying to stay sane today with my lack of sleep.  I have gotten to the point of feeling delirious from lack of sleep.

Time for me to wrap this up.   I think I have been just rambling uselessly up till this point.
Have a good Sunday everyone!


  1. My kids are always getting me up early any day of the week. My daughter luckily is old enough now that she knows I really mean it when I tell her not to wake me up early on the weekend and has actually started sleeping later than normal for her. But my three year old son hasn't reached that point yet. Ugh. Someday...

    And I love your picture of the champagne! I'm a champagne drinker too. It's my favorite.

  2. Looks like a beautiful drive as well as great wine. Always nice to leave the rat race behind every once and a while.

  3. I can't stand getting up early.

    I liked your pictures even though I am not a wine person, they still looked good.

  4. Before moving to california...I was a straight up beer girl. I liked it from the keg. I have since expanded my taste range. I'm a little bit of a connoisseur of wine and I love trying new beers.

    I think now that I'm past the need to get drunk stage (even though it happens now...when the hell did I turn into such a light weight) and I can appreciate the taste of things instead of them never hitting the tastebuds on the way down the back of my throat.

  5. 'Who wakes up at 6am on a freaking weekend...'

    Me, I had to work both days.

    Anyway, glad you shook off your 'Hulkiness' in time for the wine guzzling.