Monday, February 14, 2011

The Not So Lonely Valentine...

This Valentine's Day has been a pleasant surprise.  If you would have asked me last month I would have been snarky and said screw Valentine's Day.  I have had a little bit of a change of heart though.  This year I am single, but it has been a great day (minus the 2 hours in math class this morning) full of fun and laughing.

B and I planned on cooking dinner and we asked another friend if he wanted to come over and eat with us.  That was the initial plan a week ago, but his plans changed and he got a date (thank goodness because he needs to get laid!) and he canceled with us.  So this morning I get a text from him asking to use my table...the kitchen table...the one we are planning on eating our dinner on...because he doesn't have one.  Seriously you bail on us then want to take our table and leave us inconvenienced???  Yeah that's hilarious, but no your not getting my table.  I'm not eating my dinner on the floor, because you want to set up a fancy spread to POSSIBLY get laid.  B and I laughed for a while about that one.

We ran errands today like any other ordinary day and had to fight through the last minute valentine's shoppers.  We got tangled in a bunch of ribbons at the dollar store because the place was filled with balloons and we had to fight through them.  It was seriously a balloon ribbon jungle.

*little strawberries that open up into shopping bags*

Then off to the bank and the post office...that was pretty boring stuff, but we have a good time driving around.  Usually we get on the most random topics when we drive around.  I'm serious yesterdays topic was
"What would it feel like if you motor boated someones balls?"
Yeah crap like that.  Good times though.

Our final stop on our day out was to the "toy store", because if your a single girl that's the place to go for your own valentine's present ;)
That place is guaranteed to be a good time.  We spent about an hour perusing the items.  Got a few things and played around with almost all the testers available.  B wrote a blog about the trip as well and you can check it out here.

*just because it was hilarious*

We ended up getting a few things then talked with one of the girls that worked at the shop for a while.  Spread the word about the blog Scary Sextoy Friday then left with our purchases to head home and cook dinner.

*its a toy shop you have to go home with something*

B made an awesome dinner.  Pot roast and mashed potatoes.  Were southern girls and we love our meat and potatoes. We drank out of cheesy plastic dollar store champagne flutes.  Didn't actually drink though...damn week day with class tomorrow.

So that was the culmination of probably the best V Day and all without a man.
I did send out a card to a special someone, but there is an entire Continental US between us at the moment. There will probably be a visit in the near future :)

So for now its just me and my new V Day toy

Hope everyone had a Happy V Day!


  1. I have to say this has been the BEST V-day I have ever had. Plus I get to google-myself later thanks to you. =) Best Biffle in the history of the world, yup that's what you are.

  2. AWESOME DAY...I so enjoyed this post! BUT I did notice the veggies were missing from the dish....had I been would have been eating your veggies! ;-)


  3. Now you got me feeling hungry.

  4. Man, my Valentine's Day was quite tame ( very ) cmpaired to ya'lls lol. That Screw Yourself Kit is awesome! lol. All it needs is a handyman to weild those tools, and it would be better. :D

  5. Nope Hawk...No Veggies! My friend has a strong hatred of veggies.

    Valance hun, your welcome any time :)

    Jessica...sadly I just have to weild tools for myself ;) We really arent tame when B and I get together. More like a freight train of awesomeness

  6. wowwwwwwwww is that all you two put on your plates! NEEDS MORE MEEEEAT! heheh.

  7. Yeah I ended up eating much more than that...I was hungry. My girl B just serves up small protions cause she eats like a bird.

    I ate the crap out of that potroast though :)

  8. Thanks Brandi. Would you do steak and onions, with potatoes and plenty of gravy?

  9. Brandi...remember our meetin' at the food for Valance!


  10. Why Miss Houston I do believe you are correct! Thank you for reminding me.

    Shame on you Valance trying to catch me off gaurd

  11. You are welcome Sweetie! Girls help girls! hugs

    Miss Houston

  12. Serves you right Valance...maybe if you weren't serving yourself up as a dish over at cordelia's you would get a nice dish served up for you at home...

    Just a though ;)

  13. Darn. First my woman leaves me. Then my friends desert me. What's a man supposed to do, but find a little comfort somewhere? It ain't much fun going home to an empty house. No welcoming smile. No food on the table. No warm bed at night. A man gets so lonely, he even misses getting yelled at. And it don't help to find my booze stolen, either.

    Well, I'd better be getting along. I ain't that hungry anyway. Besides, I can always warm up the soup I made two days ago.

    Shuffles off, slowly...

  14. *Miss Houston smiles to herself*

    Good going Brandi...just maybe that Cowboy's getting the nice and I'll be cooking and cleaning for him mean and go home to no food, drink or a loving bed...maybe he'll realize the only reason Cordelia's bed is warm is because before Valance came into the room there was another man already there who just hopped out of it.

    Maybe Valance will start to be nicer to me...I sure hop he finds something to eat...I do worry about him you know.


  15. Poor Man...Word is hes kicking up a fuss back on that porch of his.

    Hopefully he learns his lesson and we can end this mexican standoff.

  16. I'll have to sneak over and peek...poor man just doesn't want to be lasso'ed...too bad...he needs a good wife. Thanks for staying with me dear friend.