Sunday, January 16, 2011

In My Mailbox (6)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren to show off the books that you have gotten through out the week be they from someone, a swap, you buy them yourself, or the library. This brings books to light that some people may not normally check out.

Here we go for this week.  I got a few things, but nothing close to last week.

I got one thing from Paperbackswap

Tumbling Through Time by Gwen Cready

I bought a few things from the used book store next to my house
(Its so tempting passing buy every day)

True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson
Guilty Pleasure by Lora Leigh
Ruthless by Anne Stuart
Cravings (Anthology) by LK Hamilton and others
The Ivy Tree by Mary Stewart
The Moonspinners by Mary Stewart
The Firebrand by Susan Wiggs

Some that I ordered from Amazon over Christmas and have just arrived

Being With Him by Jessica Inclan

Necking by Chris Salvatore

Here are the books for my 2 Lit classes this semester
Just got them in this week

And here is something that wasn't necessarily in my mailbox more like at my doorstep, but awesome just the same
My Best Friend!!!

And she came bearing gifts...

2 cute bracelets and a handmade cloth recipe holder book

She couldn't have come at a better time cause last night I had car trouble.  She cheered me up after she let me have a little pity party.  I can be dramatic and overreact sometimes :) 
So I am out a car for a day while trying to arrange transportation and getting my car fixed during a holiday weekend...ARGGGG
Transportation is covered for this week though which is wonderful, because I start my spring semester on Tuesday. 

So what did everyone else get in their mailbox this past week???


  1. *waves* Hi I am Rebecca and I save the world on a daily basis.

  2. Great gift from the BFF huh!! cool =D

    I love a used bookstore, great haul you got there! =D

  3. Hey Rebecca!! Well thanks for saving the day for our Brandi! She deserves it!!! And I love some of those books you got honey!!!! Ohh you know I will be watching for those reviews of those books! I hope you had a great weekend honey! Hugs to you!!!!

  4. Oh...nice gifts and wow on the books. I see some I want!

    Sorry I haven't been over much of late had way too much going on health wise keeping me off me feet...but you know when I'm up and about I'll make me rounds!


  5. Hey Larissa! Thanks. Yeah my BFF is pretty great all around.

    Cecile and Hawk! I have missed you both this weekend!

    Hawk I hope you get to feeling better soon hun!

  6. (HUGS) Thank you hon, I am. Coming by here always makes me feel's like Cecile's place...naughty and I like it!

    *evil grin*

  7. used bookstore near your home??? You r lucky or not...well, many money fly away,Lol

    Great books and wonderful bracelet! is it made from the you BBF with her hands?? :) I like blood-red colour..

  8. Just passing through Brandi, hoping you two are fine. Ain't got need for a new bodice yet then?

  9. Glory, hey hun thanks for stopping by! The book store close is pretty much a double edged sword for me. She didnt make the braclets herself but she bought them from local crafters where she lives.

    Now Valance...My bodice is still firmly intact. No need for ripping this one its one of those nifty underbust ones. Easy access and none of the ripping that tends to render said bodice useless.

  10. Easy access, huh? Hmmm.