Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dear Math...I hate you!!!

Why oh why do I have to suffer through this torture???

Not only do I have to go through at least 2 semesters of this crap, but it is being taught by a tiny jerk off of a Indian man with a bad accent and most likely hasnt been laid in a century.  Seriously man...Pull this stick out of your ass!

Why cant I have a teacher like this?
Yeah that would be nice....

True I would most likely never accomplish anything if I had a hot teacher, but damn.  At least I wouldn't feel like shooting myself in the foot.

I am an English major for shits sake!!!  Just leave me in me little fantasy world.


  1. "Leave me in me little fantasy world"

    ... I think someone's dreaming of highlanders. *snickers* Your math teacher sounds like my old Spanish teacher.

  2. You make me giggle honey!!! We have had those teachers - the ones we don't want... and hardly had the ones we do want! I have faith in you! I know you can do this! I know you can do this! I know you can!!!

    Hugs honey love!

  3. Ah sucks... but if your teaches looked like this it might sere as good motivation
    - Sy

  4. If your teacher looked like that, just what would you be concentrating on, besides mathematical formula for length and circumference?

  5. Valance...Im not sure what I would be concentrated on...I guess it just depends on if he was facing me or the board ;)

    SY, thanks for stopping by hun! I would be motived alright. I would get in extra tutoring sessions too.

    Cecile! Thanks for cheering for me. I have to do it so I will, but its just so damn exausting. Spring break isnt coming fast enough!

    Jessica, Of course I am...Where oh where is a couple of plane tickets with our names on them????