Sunday, November 7, 2010

No longer a Ren Faire virgin!!!

Today was a wonderful day. I am gonna go ahead and call it fansatical! Yeah it was that good. My best friend and I have been trying to get together some time so I could attend a Ren Faire together. She is a regular attendee and I have always wanted to attend. How could I not love it... with the faries, goblins, knights, courts, and there was even a ninja. My favorite fantasy world come to life. I'm a big fan of paranormal, science fiction, and fantasy. If you didnt know before now you do. The mixture of this all in a park with port-a-potties and cars right next door was delightfully absurd. I even got offered up for flogging by my friend that attended with me!

I also got to see a pirate and a ninja face off (why the damn ninja was there I'll never know) Here is a picture of one of the goblins So many more great pictures, but there were several hundred after the day was over so I'm just gonna post a few more samples of the delight that I shared in today!ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Celtic Band

Fire Juggler

Man with kilt (I love kilts)

This lady waiting on her champion had a little something extra under her skirts!!

Just look at it...I mean do I really need to explain?
(only authentic kilt wearers in the whole faire)

Pirate snoozing

Captin Jack Sparrow
(He did an amazing kids theater act)

More kilts
(not so hot but hey they get credit for trying)

My wenchy outfit!!

He was loving that severed head

Just cool all around!

Then there was a Fey King

All in all it was amazing. Not bad for having my Ren Faire virginity good and sullied!

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