Monday, July 2, 2012

I love Philosophy

So I am taking philosophy this term and I absolutely love it.  It would probably be better if more people actually got into discussions than the few that do, but whatever.  Its really not that big of a deal to me.  This is more my fun class.  I decided to do my project on the instinctive need for subcultures and I have acquired 3 kids as my partners in this project.  Was contemplating doing it alone, but there is one girl that sits next to me and she doesn't talk to anyone and I asked her if she would like to group up.  Them came the stragglers asking if they could join.  Not sure if I look like I know what I am doing or if I look like someone that would do all the work myself...  Probably the latter because honestly I would if I had to for my GPA to stay where it is.  Every one of them are 10 years younger than me and it makes me feel old.  So this should be fun.  I am surprisingly optimistic about the group.  Lets hope that optimism was well placed.  If not I have a backup plan to get an A anyway. :)


  1. Happy Christmas Brandi.

  2. Sheesh! Tumbleweed.

  3. hey sweetie...I'm baaaack! I spent last year and part of this year writing seven books...I'm up for air and I've posted a post at my place for the first time this come on by and visit. I MISSED YOU! It's nice to see life is still here...I've been in a writer's case...on bread and water alone!