Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nose to the grindstone

Its me...  notoriously unreliable as usual with my posts.  I have been working hard at school, settled in my house, holding up a steady relationship, and dealing with a little boy going to school for the first time.  My life is hectic, but great.  Summer is going to be rough for me, but I will finish with an AA and be starting on my bachelors in fall.  I got a letter from my school this week and was notified that I am on the presidents list for outstanding academic achievement.  Apparently my community college has a presidents list instead of a deans list... whatever, it still kicks ass.  Who knew I would be so dead set on getting good grades.  Its a good feeling for someone that who could barely even concentrate and was okay with just getting by.  I would gladly let someone else do the work for the 2 math classes that I have going on right now though.  Other than that things have been boring...  highlight of my week off between semesters was reading the Hunger Games Trilogy and beating Dragon Age II on X Box...  I love that my man and I can veg out and have pajama days playing video games occasionally.  That's it for now.  I need to get back to a paper and about 20 hrs worth of math homework...

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