Saturday, August 27, 2011

My view today!

So I have so much crap that I have planned to put up and post on the blog, but I have been super distracted since the move and settling in.  Things are finally calming down and I will get to all that other stuff later, but I just wanted to share my awesome weekend so far.

I spent the day boating today and it was glorious.  This is a major reason I missed home.  It was an awesome day and I had so much fun.  I haven't gone out on a boat in the summer and just ran it across the lake I don't even know how long.  Then there is the glen were the water is super clear and everyone comes to park their boats, swim, drink, and just have a fun time.  Seriously missed this.
My view from my tanning spot on the boat


Had dinner on the river on the way home at a restaurant that has boat parking for all the people boating on the river :)

I came home to more awesomeness when I opened a package to find my new Dr Who shirt I ordered had arrived.  Just in time for tonight's season 6 part 2 episode too!

I'm happy and exhausted.  Now it is time for bed.

Later guys!


  1. Howdy Freckles. Anytime you want help stashing that booze, just come and see me. I got just the place for it.