Friday, July 22, 2011

Comic-Con Day 1

Just wanted to share some of that I have been up to :)

So you will now get a little photo tour of todays mischief

The Great Stan Lee
he is a pretty funny guy

This little Whovian was so adorable


My teacher challenged us to find an Indian at Comic-Con...Clearly he doesnt know that I dont play on challenges...I win!

Starz Spartacus booth

Sam Worthington...YUMMY
My face does the fat thing when I smile really big...I was excited.  I even had the girly squeal going in me head

Guillermo Del Toro

PC and Kristin Cast...Please excuse the fat face...Happens when I get excited


More Hottness



And that was just day one of my weekend adventure people!  Stay tuned for more :)
Until then I will be geeking out at Comic-Con


  1. That is some seriously awesome shit. Damn so jealous.

  2. Looks pretty cool.

    One of my friends (the one who wrote the zombie book) is there promoting his book.

  3. I want to go to comic con so bad, it's just so far away.